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Front Range Locksmith -

Stuck out of your house? Lost your car keys? Need your locks changed? Front Range Locksmith are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer you some of the most experienced and reliable locksmiths in Denver. So what are you waiting for? Call us Now!

Why choose Front Range Locksmith?

  • 24-Hour service for ALL services.
  • We work all over the Denver-metro area.
  • No more than 20 minutes waiting time.
  • Certified and licensed locksmiths.
Multi lock

24-Hour service for ALL services

We know that when you need a locksmith - you need one right away. Whether you're locked out of your house, lost your car keys or forgot your safe's combination - Front Range Locksmith is Here For You! 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week, 365 Days a year. Not only for our emergency locksmith services, but for all of them. If you need your locks rekeyed or changed - now you know who to call, even in the middle of the night.

We work all over the Denver-metro area

It doesn't matter where you are in the Denver Metro area - we now service all of it. Serving up to Boulder and Longmont in the north, down to Castle rock in the south, Golden in the east, Aurora and Commerce city in the west and everything in between! For a full list of our service areas Click Here!

Car Keys

No more than 20 minutes waiting time

Yes, you read right - it will take us no more than 20 minutes to arrive to you. Our locksmiths are always on the call and ready to serve you quickly and professionaly, it doesn't matter where you are in the Denver Metro area. If for some reason you are waiting more than 20 minutes - you will get a discount of up to 20% off!

Certified and professional locksmiths

All of our locksmiths are certified, professional and insured. They all have years of experience as locksmiths. This way you can be sure that the person working in your home is a reliable and professional locksmith.

Lost your car key? no problem!

At Front Range Locksmith we specialize in making car keys to all years, makes and models, including high security cars. You may heard that your car key had a small chip in it. It's called a 'transponder' key. In these types of keys the chip serves as an extra security measure and it's not enough for the key to turn the ignition, but the chip also has to be programmed to the computer of the car in order to start it. If the key you lost was made only from metal is means it's a regular key. If it had a plastic head, it usually (but not always) means that it's a transponder key. If you are not sure, call us with the year, make and model of your car and we will tell you over the phone what kind of key you had. We can determine within minutes what kind of key you need, make it from scratch and program it to your car. We can also do key fobs and remote controls for all types of cars. Prices for car keys can vary greatly depending on whether or not they have a chip, the kind of chip and the programming procedure. We will always let you know what the full price is before starting to work on your car. If you decide to hold off with the service, you will not be charged any fee.

Need to change your locks? we got you covered!

We are fully equipped with locks from all brands and can match you the solution you need for your security needs and your budget. From medium grade security locks to high security and keypads. If all you need is to re-key your locks, we will happily change the old key to a new one while keeping your existing hardware. If you're not sure what's the difference between changing your locks and re-keying them - click here to read our article. We consider rekey an emergency service and offer it as a same-day service with no additional charge. Every lock we change or rekey comes with 2 keys free of charge. We will be happy to make additional copies on site when requested.

I lost my house key, can you make me a key?

Sure thing. If you lost your house key and don't have other copies, we can make you a new key. The first thing we need to do is get in so we still have to pick the lock open. Then, we can take the lock apart and rekey it to make you a new key. The new key will be different from the one you lost so it won't work on any of the other locks you may have (unless we rekey them as well), but if someone finds your old key you can be sure they won't be able to use it to get in.

I'm locked out of my house, will you have to drill my lock?

No. Drilling a lock is only done as a last resort. First we will do our best to open the door in a non-destructive way such as picking or using a pick gun - these methods work most of the times. However, even experience locksmiths run into locks they cannot pick in a reasonable amount of time and only in these cases we will be forced to drill the lock. Drilling a lock will cause no damage to your door, but it will make the lock unusable. If we ended up drilling your lock we will always be able to replace your lock with a new one.

Commercial work? you came to the right place.

We have vast experience with any type of commercial work you may need. With literally thousands of stores, restaurants, apartment complexes and factories we worked with (and still do), we are proficient doing any sort of commercial work. Multi-level master key systems, panic bars installation and repair, detex exit alarms and commercial grade locks installation are just a partial list of the services we can offer your business. Ongoing maintenance and repair is part of the service so you always have someone to call in case of a problem. Many businesses now use Interchangeable cores (also known as "construction cores"), making it incredibly easy to change in case they fired an employee or lost a copy of the key to the business. If you need your cores changed we can modify your existing system and make any changes you need to it. If your doors are equipped with mortise cylinders, we service those as well. Whatever commercial service you need, we probably done it many times.

Having problems with your sliding door?

Sliding doors are known to wear down relatively faster than regular door locks. The reason is that sliding doors are usually being used with more force than a regular door and there is more tension on the locking mechanism. The screws tend to get loose, the bolt start sticking and sometimes the mechanism breaks altogether. The good news is that it's usually an easy fix. The mechanisms for sliding doors are usually not expensive and the installation is as easy as changing a few screws. If you are having a problem with your sliding door lock give us a call. Most of the times we will be able to diagnose the problem over the phone and tell you the exact price it will cost to fix.